Alt Rechargeable lamps High-quality rechargeable wireless lights for restaurants, cafes, and homes. Fast charging and operation up to 40 hours without a break. Order now GET A 10% DISCOUNT WITH A CODE: 10OFF
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NEW rechargeable lamps

Domusinn new lamps are an innovation in the field of lighting. You will no longer have to worry about power outlets and messy cords! You can take the lamp with you wherever you want - your terrace, homestead or anywhere in nature. These lamps use energy-saving LED technology, and rechargeable batteries so therefore also part of environmentally friendly solutions. It is a convenient and efficient way to illuminate your home, offices or places of leisure in nature. The lamps have a modern, minimalist style, so it is a perfect detail that will perfect decorate your interior.

Candle Lamp for the long evenings season

Rechargeable, wireless, LED, aluminium, candle lamp is more than just a source of light – it's a symbol of elegance, classicism, and harmony. The lamp has three levels of light intensity. You can adjust the brightness of the lamp intensity with slight touch. Use it anywhere: romantic dinner, picknick in the nature or simply on the night table, for reading an inspiring book. The true essence of this lamp comes to life in its ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Table lamp „TouchGlow“

The minimalistic, light, wireless, rechargeable aluminium table lamp offers a sleek and modern design. Made from lightweight aluminium, it exudes a sense of simplicity and elegance. Being wireless and rechargeable, it eliminates the need for messy cords and allows you to place it anywhere without worrying about power outlets.

The lamp boasts three levels of light intensity. With a gentle touch on the chrome button located on the lamp base, you can easily cycle through these three levels of brightness. This touch control mechanism not only adds a modern touch to the lamp's design but also offers a seamless way to adjust the lighting according to your mood, time of day, or task at hand.

A perfect detail at the dinner table for your home, restaurant, or hotel

Domusinn table lamps are perfect for your cozy dinner. Rechargeable, wireless, stylish lamps will illuminate your table, no matter where it is - at home, on the terrace, in the homestead, by the lake or by the sea. Modern lamps are also a great choice not only for lighting your home, places of leisure, but also for restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. Their elegance and functionality will undoubtedly create a special atmosphere in your restaurant, cafe, bar, or hotel and provide your guests with cozy lighting.

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